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Development Repository Edit

Development of Libmpd,gmpc and Plugins is done in git. Hosted on

See a list here:

Easy checkout script Edit

If you want to checkout libmpd,GMPC and all the Plugins you can use the following script Run:

bash ./

This will checkout the stable plugin. If you run it again, it will add new plugins and update the existing checkouts.

Building Edit

To build gmpc you need to following installed:

* Git
* gcc compiler
* libtool
* intltool Version 0.21 or higher
* glib
* libcurl
* gobject
* gtk+-2.0
* gmodule
* libglade
* gthreads
* libmpd( >=0.20.5 )
* gob 2.0
* valac( 0.9.x )

Tip On a Debian based system, to install all the dependencies use :

# aptitude build-dep gmpc

# aptitude build-dep gmpc-plugins ( optionally, for building plugins )

However you may have to install some packages from source if the version available in your repository is old. I am using Debian squeeze and had to install libmpd from source and valac from the experimental branch( install from source if you do not have apt-pinning set up ).

The basic steps are then:

  1. Make sure you have the latest revision : git pull
  2. Run, this will generate all the needed autotools files : ./ If you get syntax errors during, check that all the needed modules are installed. If a dependency is missing, cannot add the correct check and you don't get a nice error message.
  3. Compile it : make.
  4. Install it : make install.

Warning A user reported that git pull does not always correctly update all the files. Removing the previously pulled files and then doing a fresh git pull should fix this.

Extra compile options for developers Edit

If you work on gmpc, you might want to compile gmpc with the following extra option for or configure:


This makes gcc more strict and stop on all warnings.

Build system Edit

If you change gmpc's build system, make sure that it still passes make distcheck.

Tips & Tricks Edit

  • If you want to replace the running gmpc with your freshly compiled version run
./gmpc --replace

  • If you want to test the memory usage in f.e. massif, but withouth all the plugins run it like:
./gmpc --disable-plugins
  • You can check the revision of a git build by looking in the about dialog or running gmpc --version.

== Getting Involved/Contact the Developers :== See the GMPC HELP page.

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