Gnome Music Player Client


I don't like GMPC. Are there other MPD clients you can suggest?[]


For a complete list, see here.

I suggest Sonata (GUI) or ncmpc (CLI).

Why does GMPC depend on Gnome? I don't use Gnome.[]

Although the name suggests it, GMPC does not depend on Gnome anymore (and hasn't for the last 4 years).

GMPC is actually cross-platform. It will run on Linux, Solaris, Mac OS X and Windows and can be used on embedded/low-end hardware like Eee PC or Openmoko.

Why not change the name to GTK Music Player Client, then?[]


GMPC hasn't had its name changed since 2004 (when it was changed from tray mp). We'd like to keep it as it is now.

File Browser[]

Why can't I see all available files in the Library filesystem view?[]

The filesystem view doesn't actually show the on-disk file system. GMPC builds a pseudo directory-tree based on path information contained in the MPD DB file.

Why doesn't GMPC recognize my playlists? []

GMPC relies on MPD for its playlist functionality. MPD only supports playlists stored in its own playlist directory.

I've added music to my Music directory, but it doesn't show up in GMPC.[]

Did you have MPD update its database? You can do this in GMPC by selecting "Update database" in the "Server" menu.

If your music still doesn't show up, check the MPD Wikia for tips.

The application works, but there is no sound. I get an error message: "Could not open audio device".[]

(My audio device works fine. What could be the problem?)

This is not a GMPC problem, but a MPD issue.

There could be many reasons for this error:

1. Another program is using the soundcard (and the soundcard only supports one stream at a time.) Particularly, the Flash browser plugin has a habit of keeping the audio device "occupied".

2. The user MPD runs as has no permission to use the device.

Tag Browser[]

Why do I see no album covers until I select an artist ?[]

Albums are stored by artist/album tuple. Take for example the album unplugged; there might be 4 albums by that name, each by a different artist. I only know which of these album covers to display when I know the artist.


Where are the lyrics stored?[]

All lyrics downloaded are stored in ~/.covers/covers.sql .

In GMPC 0.20.0 and higher lyrics are saved in ~/.cache/gmpc/metadata/covers.sql . while we are at that, the cover art of artists and albums are saved in the same folder, each artist in each subdirectory, abiding the pigeonhole principle.

Old versions of GMPC used to save lyrics in ~/.covers/<Artist>/<title>.lyrics.