Feedback Edit

Please report bugs on the [bug tracker], a message send on irc or by e-mail can easily be forgotten. I often fix several bugs in a row when I have some free time. It is useful if all the bugs are located in the [bugtracker].

Bugs Edit

The bugtracker for libmpd, gmpc and the plugins can be found [here].

If you make a bugreport please give sufficient information, read this.

Feature requests Edit

If you make a feature request you can do that on the above mentioned bugtrackers. Please include the version of gmpc you are currently using and why you want this feature. When making a request realize the following points:

  • You didn't pay for gmpc. I wrote gmpc for myself in my free time. I made it available for other people to use at no charge. So don't demand changes, or try to force me into implementing something. If you do you will be banned from the bugtracker, forum and irc channel. I had problems with this in the past and I don't feel like repeating this.
  • Keep in mind what mpd can and can't do. Asking me to implement something that mpd is not capable off is pointless.
  • Keep in mind that I want to gmpc to be portable, currently it runs on linux, bsd, solaris, osX and windows. Platform specific code is avoided where possible.
  • Memory usage: I try to keep gmpc fast and slim, so far I think I managed in doing this. Functionality that requires a large amount of memory will not be included. (but might become a plugin).
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