First run off gmpc

Step 1

Start gmpc:
Gmpc-dev-install-guidestep 9

Step 2

The first time you run gmpc, you see a first-run wizard.
Gmpc-dev-install-guidestep 10
Follow the wizard step by step.

Step 3: Entering mpd's information

Enter the ip of the machine running mpd. If it is the same machine gmpc runs on, enter localhost.
Gmpc-dev-install-guidestep 11
Press Connect, if that succeeds, we can continue to the final page of the wizard.

Step 4

Gmpc-dev-install-guidestep 12
Close the wizard.

Step 5

Now we see the empty playlist.
Gmpc-dev-install-guidestep 13
Lets add some music, the easiest way is using the file browser.

Step 6

Gmpc-dev-install-guidestep 14

Step 7

Add songs by right-clicking on the folder and selecting add.
Gmpc-dev-install-guidestep 15

Step 8

Now the play queue is filled, lets select a song an play it. (double click on the song).
Gmpc-dev-install-guidestep 16

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