Gnome Music Player Client

Getting help[]

To get help there are several options:

IRC Server:
channel: #gmpc
Webchat: webchat


Ask on mpd's forum: [here]


Send me an e-mail. qball _@_ sarine dot nl


I wonder if you are so kind to help me in the following topic.

After about 3 years of regular behaviour, now my GMPC shows only 11 folders, out of 23 of my NAS.

Updating the server, the data base rebuilds til 11 folders.

Music is regularly played back from those11 folders.

Searching items, that i know being into the missing 12 folders, gives no results.

That behaviour is on Windows, Linux and Android.

Big recent change was a new router ADSL TPLINK, which allows to set permanently IP address to device on the local net.

Former was USRobotics 9108.

Thank you a lor for your support; if you need further details, please ask.

Stefano Brioni Italy

Please do not! use the talk pages or the normal pages on this wiki to request support.[]