What does it do Edit

Summary Edit

This plugin allows you to to listen to Last.FM radio stations with mpd.

Full Edit

This plugin can generate a session with Last.FM radio server so mpd can play the stream. It can also tune the stream several different radios.

  • My Recommendations
  • My Radio Station
  • My Neighbourhood
  • My Loved Songs

It can create radio stations based on:

  • Tag
  • Artist
  • Similar artist
  • User
  • Group
  • Neighbourhood

It can also show what is currently playing. As this is not included in the stream.


Requirements Edit

  • gmpc 0.16.0 or up
  • libmpd 0.15.0 or up
  • libgio-2.0
  • gvfs-backend (esp. gvfsd-http needs to work)
  • Valid Last.FM account

Download Edit

Stable Edit

  • 0.17.0: Download it [here]

Unstable Edit

The Git repository can be found: here

F.A.Q. Edit

  • Q1: I get 'Operation not supported' error
  • A1: gvfsd-http is not working. Make sure gvfs-backend is installed and there is a valid dbus-session.
  • Q2: Why can't I love or ban a song.
  • A2: Only the scrobbler can do this. If scrobby (one of mpd's audio scrobbles) supports this I add support for this.

Development Edit

ToDo Edit

  • Allow lastfm:// urls to be dragged and dropped onto the browser.
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