Add to GMPC an editor for song tags.


The tagedit plugin for GMPC adds a editor panel for editing song tags. With the plugin enabled, you are able to queue one or more songs to the Tag editor from the playlist or song browser. You may then enter the Tag editor panel and modify the tags of the queued songs one by one or by groups. The changes are recorded when you hit the Save button. If you made a mistake while editing tags, you may discard the changes you made to one song or a group of songs.


Here are several screenshots that demonstrate how the tagedit plugin works.


  • gtk+-2.0
  • libmpd
  • gmpc
  • taglib_c
  • gob2








This plugin is located on here To get a checkout:

git clone git://


Q: Does the tagedit plugin work with non-local MPD servers?

A: The song files must be available and editable from the computer that runs GMPC, so usually the answer is 'No'. But if the non-local directory with the music in has been made available to the computer running GMPC, using NFS of Samba for example, it may be possible.

Q: I queued a song to the Tag editor, but the editor shows me only empty tags. What's wrong?

A: Double check the path you set in the preferences of the tagedit plugin. In GMPC, go in the Music menu and choose Preferences. A new window appears. Select Tag Edit in the left column, the content of the right column us updated accordingly. Enter or check the path you entered in the Music Root field.

Q: I don't have any option under Tools to add song to tag-edit queue

A: Remember to set the music directory in the preferences. Once it's properly set, that option will be enabled

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