How does the tag browser work? Edit

The working of the tag browser changed a few versions ago. With the tag browser I mean the artist browser and genre browser in a freshly installed gmpc. This change caused some people to get confused on how it works. Below I try to explain the working and answers some Frequently Asked Questions.


  • Q1: I cannot go back, once I click an album all the artists disapear and I cannot get them back.
  • A1: If you click again on the selected row (or ctrl-spacebar when it has keyboard focus) the row gets unselected and the filtering gets undone.
  • Q2: The list of artists/album/genres is so big, I cannot find anything.
  • A2: If you select that column (give it keyboard focus) and start typing, you get a filter box.
  • A2: Select the column and press ctrl-f to get a quick search box. (might be slow).

The genre browser Edit

The genre browser has 3 columns (genre, artist, album), and a song list:


Say we want to see eric clapton, we select his entry in the 2nd column:


Now in the genre list you see all the genres by 'Eric Clapton' and in the album column all the albums. In the song list you get all the songs. If we want to see all the 'blues' by 'Eric Clapton', we select the blues entry:


Now the artist column is filtered to only show the artists that have songs of the genre 'Blues'. The album list is filtered to only show the albums of Eric Clapton having songs with the genre 'Blues'. The song list shows the songs of 'Eric Clapton' with the genre 'Blues'. Say we now want to see what other artist are on the "A tribute to" album. After selecting the album you see:


The genre list is now filtered to show the genres of the songs from 'Eric Clapton' on the 'A tribute to.." album. The artist list is filtered to show all the artists that have blues songs on the 'A tribute to..' album. The song list shows all the songs blues songs from 'Eric Clapton' on the 'A tribute to..' album. Now we want to see what more 'Robert Cray' has done, so we change the selection from 'Eric Clapton' to 'Robert Cray'. And now you see:


Now if we want to see all from 'Robert Cray', unselect 'Blues' and 'A tribute to ..'