This is a quick guide showing you how to play an audio cd using gmpc + gmpc-mserver plugin.


  • MPD 0.14.2 (with ffmpeg, without libaudiofile)
  • gmpc 0.17.95 or up
  • gmpc-mserver 0.17.95 or up
  • A working gvfs setup. (on gnome, you should be fine).

Step 1.

Insert cd in drive.

Goto the "Serve Music" plugin in gmpc and click add files

Step 2.

Now if everything is allright, the audio cd should be listed in the "Places" list on the left.

Click on it and you see a list of tracks on the right. (Track 1.wav, Track 2.wav etc).

Step 3.

Select the tracks and press OK

Step 4.

Select all songs (they only get weird numbers, because gmpc cannot retrieve metadata) and add them, right click and press "Add".

Step 5.

Press Play. Now mpd should start playing the music from the cd.

If it does not work.

If you see mpd skip through all the tracks, not playing a single one. Try compiling mpd withouth the audiofile plugin but with the ffmpeg input plugin. NOTE: this is fixed in mpd 0.15.0-alpha1 and up.

The audiofile plugin seems to be lacking proper streaming of wav streams, while ffmpeg works fine.